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Nripal Adhikary

Founder, ABARI

In 2007, Nripal founded ABARI in Nepal with a mission to celebrate traditional materials like bamboo and earth within contemporary architectural contexts. Despite over two-thirds of Nepal's architecture being crafted with natural materials, a tradition dating back over a thousand years, there persists a perception among the Government, Academics, and Industry that these structures are 'temporary' or unsuitable for modern contexts. Nripal, independently uniting farmers, artisans, architects, students, and researchers, aimed to challenge this notion.

His convictions found validation in the April 2015 Gorkha Earthquake, where all of his structures, including two at the epicenter, survived unscathed. Over the past decade, Nripal has successfully constructed diverse buildings, from homes and government schools to libraries, community centers, monasteries, temples, and luxury hotels.

One of his notable achievements lies in revitalizing the declining reputation of traditional building crafts. Pre-earthquake, bamboo and earth were often perceived as weak and outdated, but Nripal's structures are now emerging in major urban areas of Nepal, reshaping the narrative around these sustainable materials.

Nripal Adhikary
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